There are a variety of awards across the weekend.

There will be no Best of Day Award, instead every category winner will be automatically entered for Best of Show. 
There will also be a non-tattoo category. 


• Small Traditional 
• Small Neo-Trad / Anime
• Small Black & Grey (black tints only)
• Small Colour 
• Script
• Small Avant Garde to include Mandala, Dot work, Line work. Black only and Water Colour
• Small Colour Realism 
• Small Oriental
• Best Healed – any size
Small is anything up to 210 mm x 148mm


• Large Colour
• Large Black and Grey (black tints only)
• Large Avant Garde
• Large Traditional 
• Large Neo Trad / Anime
• Large Oriental
• Large Colour Realism 
• Best of show 
• Best New Comer (Apprentice maximum 2 years.)
Large size is anything over A4. 


• Airbrush 
• Watercolour 
• Portrait

Artists who wish to exhibit other pieces of art are welcome to do so.
Up to 3 pieces are permitted FOC. Maximum size A2