Tattoo Artists

The artists appearing at CrocMasters 2024

To book an artist, please get in touch with them directly via their Instagram link from the image blocks below.

Advance Appointments

You can book an advance appointment with an artist by contacting them directly. We can’t make any bookings with artists through the CrocMasters site.

Simply click each artist’s image to see their Instagram, find the artist’s contact details and get in touch.

Walk-ups on the day 

Many artists will have space set aside for ‘walk-up appointments’, so just come along to the show, check out their work (displayed on tables at their stand) and book in with them on the spot. Feel free to bring your ideas along with you to show your artist of choice.

Our full artist list for this weekend!

Gary Gillespie – Cloak & Dagger
Thomas Palaniuk – Aloha Tattoo Studio
Jayme Lee – Gardners Tattoo & Barber Co
Ellie Ainscough – Gardners Tattoo & Barber Co
Chloe Ratcliffe – Gardners Tattoo & Barber Co
Wayne Ellis – Addicted to Ink
Aaron Tomlinson – Tattoo Lounge
Paul Feane – Skin Wizard
Simona Salvetti – Warriors and Ladies Tattoo
Javiar Rodriguez – Xaf-Aff Ink Tatt2
Shamack Malachowski – InkDen
Jim Waudby – Black 10 Tattoo studio
Stephen Carne – Brothers In ink
Emma Willis – Down the Rabbit Hole
Vicky Lou – Down the Rabbit Hole
Simon Haggett – Down the Rabbit Hole
Lee Petrie – Carpe Diem
Matt Davies – Stone Heart Tattoo Studio
Shaun Doherty – Zen Ink Tattoo Studio
Shannon Chalmers – Zen Ink Tattoo Studio
Roman Grazhdanstev – Revival
Alessio Catanzani – Revival
Luis Smith – Revival
Vlad Shulea – Revival
Danny Moreno – Revival
Edoardo Sacerdoti – Revival
Gabriel Basleaga – Revival
Alex Natochi – Revival
Jonny Firth – Sorry Mum
John Shillcock – Sorry Mum
Rick Belcher – Sorry Mum
Shane Gleave – Ship Wrecked
Sli Barraclough – Ship Wrecked
Nix Sharples – Ship Wrecked
Elizabeth Newby – Ship Wrecked
Megan Briggs – Ship Wrecked
Joe Gilbert – Butchers Block
Adam West – AWA
Jarad Peltier – AWA

Benji Heggs – AWA
Rhiannon Kerin – AWA
Noddy Goffin – Craven Ink
Mud Muddah – Craven Ink
Pauly James – Craven Ink
Lee Dewell – Series One
Cipri Suciu – Tattoo Agent 108
Daniel Scott – Hatko Creative, Gibraltar
David Rodriguez – KTS Tattoo
Ladislav Soltesz – KTS Tattoo
Witch and Warlock
Alex Jolly
Jason Riley – Life of Riley
Nathan – Life of Riley
Jan Royle – Studio 81
Stu Allen – Studio 81
“Nice Guy” Nick – Studio 81
Jordan Holt – Big Al’s
Mark Shaw – Inspired by Ink
Jade McClemants – Inspired by Ink
Connor Merrilees – Inspired by Ink
Luke Proctor – 13th Side
Wayne Stephenson – 13th Side
Tony Booth – Dabs
Lewis Eckersley – Dabs
Haider Al Salim – Majestic Ink Studio
Daryl Healey – The Painted Man
Nataley Rose – Border Rose Tattoo studio
Joel Denaro – Matthew Wallace aka Joel
Javier Rodriguez
Miriam Rodriguez
Megan Rae
Dean McLaughlin – Hidden Hands Belfast
Kinga Green – Hidden Hands Belfast
Lexx Black – Bespoke Ink
Emily Harding – Bespoke Ink
Ryan Wild
Rudy Foy
Tracy Evans – Mania Tattoo Blackpool

Ellie Taylor – The Cheshire Tattoo studio
Leigh Dale – The Cheshire Tattoo studio
Lutero Mariano – Ink Warrior
Lucy – Ink Warrior
Pedro – Ink Warrior
Paul Campbell – Regal Ink
Jamine Allen – Regal Ink
Reece Gibson – True Colours
Justin Rolfe – True Colours
Jeff Stables – Artista Tattoo
Renelle Carlisle – Artista Tattoo
Alex Southern – Artista Tattoo
Char Browne – Artista Tattoo
Apostolis ‘Saka’ Sakas – Artista Tattoo
Lee Moore – Moore Ink
Mirko Swat – Saisaink
Alessandro Scar – Saisaink
Kharis Amon – Saisaink
Michele Domingo – Saisaink
Maciej Pekala – Saisaink
Rhys Saunders – Tommy Gun
Marlon Newell – Tommy Gun
Ellen Jenner – Tommy Gun
Owen Paulls – Owen Paulls Tattoo
Michal Zak – Dark Souls tattoo
George Zaharia – Dark Souls
Donovan Welsh – Novakane
Kevo Hartley – Lost Souls Tattoo Collective
Zoe – Lost Souls Tattoo Collective
Sebastian Barone – Immortal Art
Neil Wolf – The Wolf Shed
Vlad – Anthatas Ink
Trifan Laurentiu
Jamie Gale – Rebel Ink
Faye Skinner – Ta2 Ink
Craig Needham – Creative Saints
Incredible Artistic
Krisztian Ritzl – AmazInk Tattoo Studio
Szilard Ritzl – AmazInk Tattoo Studio