2022 Winners

We had an amazing time for our first ever TatCon!
Thank you so much to everyone that attended, visited and competed.

Our Roll of Honour for our 2022 Awards

Best of show 

1st Place Benji Heggs @ AWA

2nd Place Anastasiya@ Revival



Small Traditional

1st Place Josh McShane @ Basement 13

2nd Place Ross Given @ Anubis

Small Neo-Trad / Anime

1st Place Emma Willis @ Down the Rabbit Hole

2nd Place Ryan Wild @ Sorry Mum

Small Black & Grey

1st Place Adam West @ AWA

2nd Place Alessio @ Revival

Small Script

1st Place Jimmy Scribble

2nd Place Ricky Wright @ Art Fusion 13

Small Colour 

1st Place Emma Willis @ Down the Rabbit Hole

2nd Place Anastasiya @ Revival

Small Avant Garde

1st Place Joe Gilbert @ Butchers Block

2nd Place Leah Black @ Black Pearl

Small Colour Realism 

1st Place Anastasiya @ Revival

2nd Place Daniel Scott @ AWA

Best Healed – any size

1st Place Henrique Carmo @ Revival

2nd Place Paul Feane @ Skin Wizard


Large Colour

1st Place Tommy Vincent

2nd Place Alessio @ Revival

Large Black and Grey

1st Place Cipri @ Tattoo Agent 108

2nd Place Shamack Malachowski @ Inkden

Large Avant Garde

1st Place Pengerzz @ M23

2nd Place Jaymee Lee @ Gardner Ink

Large Neo Trad / Anime

1st Place Benji Heggs @ AWA

2nd Place Nelson Sacramento @ Revival

Large Oriental

1st Place Nathan Heywood @ Revival

2nd Place Lee Moore @ Moore Ink

Large Colour Realism 

1st Place Anastasiya @ Revival

2nd Place Henrique @ Revival

Best New Comer (Apprentice maximum 2 years.)

1st Place Jenny Morrison @ Brothers in Ink

2nd Place Alex Dunn @ Precision Ink